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Cost Reduction in AR & AP

Cost Reduction in AR & AP

Save Money and Drive Value in Finance


Global economic uncertainty and a fragile recovery put cost control at the top of the CFO’s agenda. Finance departments need to look into internal ways to improve their cash position – and this includes reducing costs. Best practices show that sustainable cost reduction efforts combine lowering costs with intelligent investments into digital infrastructure to build a more efficient and resilient business for the future.

Bring down costs while investing into your future. Eliminate cost drivers and build intelligently automated AR and AP processes to increase working capital and stabilize cash flows. Using a CFO Playbook, you can ensure your AR and AP value streams are not only less costly and more transparent, but also deliver higher performance for your inbound and outbound payments.


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Virtual Expert Forum

Cost Reduction in AR & AP

October 28th | 3 pm CET | 8 am CT


How can CFOs and finance organizations lower costs and drive value in their accounts receivables (AR) and accounts payable (AP)? Go beyond simple automation with centralized end-to-end processes that intelligently eliminate manual touchpoints and increase process speed, accuracy, and transparency.

Join our virtual expert forum and find out how you can save money and build towards a stronger future for your business. A panel of industry experts and Serrala customers will provide valuable insight into what organizations should do now to reduce costs and achieve best in class performance in AR and AP.


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Cost Redurction in AR & AP

Eliminate Transaction Costs
Identify and eliminate cost drivers and manual processes in your AR and AP processes. Create a seamless and frictionless value stream by centralizing receivables and payables processing and eliminating slow or error-prone steps.

Increase Process Efficiency
Digitize your AR and AP processes for greater efficiency, quality, and security. Build a strong digital infrastructure with 24/7 connectivity that incorporates intelligent automation to make remote/work from home possible and increase process speed, accuracy, and visibility.

Boost Financial Performance
Tear down silos in AR and AP and improve your DSO and DPO with centrally controlled and reliable end-to-end processes. Enable cross-department collaboration for high performance with reliable connectivity that facilitates frictionless processing and data access.

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