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Ensure Liquidity

Ensuring Liquidity for the Organization

Improve planning and forecasting and optimize sources of working capital


For the past decade, low interest rates and easily available liquidity resources have made external financing attractive for companies. However, the corona virus crisis, has pushed internal funding capabilities and cash back to the top of the agenda for CFOs and treasurers. A recent survey by Treasury Management International (TMI) shows that liquidity is now a challenge for 64 percent of organizations, while external funding is a challenge for 17 percent. 

Safeguarding liquidity is the best way to ensure organizational stability during times of crisis and finance and treasury leaders have had to quickly optimize their sources of working capital to do this. Our CFO Playbook provides organizations with a series of virtual live sessions and on demand topics that they can use to build a strategic roadmap to keep cash flowing into the business, deliver faster, more accurate cash flow information and enable better liquidity planning and forecasting. 


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Recordings of our Virtual Expert Forum from July 29th, 2020 

Ensuring Liquidity for the Organization 



CFOs need the best possible strategies and tools in place to keep sufficient cash on hand during times of crisis. Join Serrala customers and a panel of industry experts in a series of lively panel discussions on how organizations can optimize their sources of working capital to ensure consistent liquidity. 

Our participants brought questions and answers about the latest finance best practices and innovative technologies that organizations can employ to keep cash coming in swiftly, control spend and gain access to fast, accurate data for liquidity planning and forecasting. 


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Interview of Bart Parren, SVP for solution transformation 

Liquidity key to future-proofing businesses



Bart Parren, SVP solution transformation at Serrala, shares his advice on liquidity management and post-pandemic financial planning in a most recent interview with Shannon Moyer on bobs guide. 


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Get Central Cash Visibility
Centralize information on inbound cash flows and bank accounts to achieve complete cash visibility. Digitize information and automate processes to get the fast, accurate data required to optimize liquidity forecasting and planning.

Keep Cash Coming In
Improve accounts receivable and collections processes to keep cash coming into the organization quickly. Automate up to 98% of cash application and increase collections efficiency by 50% even when finance and treasury teams are working remotely.

Control Spend 
Gain control over outbound spend: streamline and harmonize information for payment types and methods - globally. Simultaneously optimize working capital and mantain positive supplier relationships with more efficient payments processing.

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