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Ensuring Liquidity for the Organization

Improve planning and forecasting and optimize sources of working capital


In a survey by Serrala, a majority of finance and treasury leaders indicated that their business had been impacted by the corona virus crisis and that cash and liquidity management was now their top priority. 

Using spreadsheets to manage essential treasury information is no longer an option. As companies deal with today’s rapidly changing business landscape, they needs to optimize their sources of working capital and safeguard liquidity so they can guarantee financial stability today and in the future. Companies need to put systemic controls in place to give them real-time, accurate data and with tight controls. 


Join Serrala experts and customers for a series of events centered around ensuring liquidity for the organization

Discover how you can


•  Know you cash today with real-time information on inbound cash flows and centralized control of bank accounts

•  Know your cash in the future with advanced cash positioning and  the ability to do accurate liquidity planning and forecasting

•  Trigger short-term optimizations with process enhancements and technology that improve controls and visibility into your inbound   and outbound cashflows  




•  Manage risk with systematic evaluation of your cashflows and   business partners to protect your organization 

•  Be Prepared! Plan for the future and make changes that will  strengthen your organization and build resilience so you will be  able to succeed in the future.

July 29th  |  2pm ET / 11am PT

Confidently navigate times of uncertainty by leveraging Cash & Liquidity Management in SAP



In this webinar, Serrala will provide comprehensive insight into the tightly integrated tools available within SAP’s Cash Management Powered by SAP HANA. The 60-minute session is hosted by Serrala-Experts Peter Wolf and Jatin Thacker. An extensive Q&A session at the end will be provided. The subscription to this webinar is free. Recording and material will be available after the session. 




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