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Transparency into Cash-Related KPIs

Gain Transparency on Cash-Related KPIs

Improve Financial Decision Making with Best-in-Class KPIs


Today‘s CFOs and their finance organization need access to fast, accurate information so they can make decisions that will ensure the company has enough liquidity to maintain operations and support future business goals. As the complexity and the volume of the data needed increases, they must rely on real-time information from multiple sources and established metrics to help them assess the financial stability of their business.


Increasing transparency into cash-related KPIs such as Available Liquidity, Financial Status, DSO, DPO and more enables CFOs to effectively monitor the demands on cash throughout the organization. In our series of CFO Playbook virtual sessions and on demand topics, our experts will reveal how finance organizations can collect, calculate, analyze and simulate cash flow data from multiple sources and measure the organization’s past, present and future demands to maximize the effectiveness of financial decision making.


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Virtual Expert Forum

Gain Transparency on Cash-Related KPIs

October 14th | 3 pm CEST | 8 am CDT


Monitoring the various demands on cash across your organization, in an automated and systemic way, can help you make the right financial moves for the future - whatever it may hold. Discover how your organization can leverage information from your ERP systems, banks, customers and suppliers to power hundreds of cash-related KPIs that will keep your organization on the right financial track.

Join our virtual Expert Forum event and listen to practitioners from global organizations and a panel of industry experts as they discuss how CFOs can gain greater transparency into cash-related KPIs. They will discuss how to use technology to automate data collection, improve calculations and enhance reporting to enable faster, more accurate decisions about the lifeblood of the organization – cash.


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Transparency Cash-Related KPIs


3 Strategies to Gain Transparency into Cash-Related KPIs


Fast, Accurate Data
Financial decision makers require data quickly from enterprise systems in integrated reports not in error-prone spreadsheets. Use technology to automatically collect data from across the business to uncover new insights powered by accurate information.

Best-in-Class Metrics
Measure your performance with the same KPIs used by best-in-class companies. Track your cash demands over time using standardized metrics so you can identify trends, predict future demands and maintain sufficient liquidity and working captial to meet your business requirements.

Enhanced Reporting
Enhance reporting with stunning data visualizations, intelligent analytics and simulations to drive knowledge and inform decision making. Flexible, yet purpose-built reports focus attention on the data that matters, and multiple dimensions and drill-downs encourage discovery.

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